Pride Homecare

We are absolutely ecstatic to announce we have been rated an overall “GOOD” in our recent inspection April 2024.

We have also been rated “EXCELLENT” in “Maximising Independence and the Quality of Life in the people we look after”!!!

I am so, so , so over the moon!!! This last 4 years has not only been an absolute rollercoaster to say the least!!! BUT also a massive learning curve !! We are very confident we have made the necessary improvements, taken the necessary actions and undertaken the necessary lessons learnt exercises to improve the service for our all our users!!

We are so so incredibly proud of the work we have ALL put into achieve our new rating.

We certainly couldn’t have done this with out our amazing team around us.

Thank you all so, so much for you support and comments and everyone’s contribution (all be it physically or words of encouragement ) towards our new rating !!