“Pat’s story ?”
Pat was one of our very first to join our family when Pride Home Care was first set up in 2019. She has a very special place in our hearts, she’s our lady?. Pat even made the live BBC Breakfast News!!! Early December, our special lady sadly caught this horrible Covid and was admitted to hospital. We kept in daily contact with her at the beginning and she even phoned me from hospital on my birthday (23rd Dec) to wish me a happy birthday!!… Sadly taking a turn for the worst, we heard no more from her….. ? … After over 8 weeks of being away, our truly inspirational, amazing lady, Pat has FOUGHT covid and has come home…… TODAY!!! We have missed her so so much!! To mark this very VERY heartfelt moment, Daniel, Tessa and Emily arranged to meet Tym (her son) at Pats and decorate her home with welcome home cards, banners, balloons, flowers and be there for that special moment, of Pat coming home. We need to take a moment to share thoughts and reflection for all those who have suffered and are still suffering due to this horrible virus. People have lost loved ones. Lives and families have been ripped apart because of it. This virus is causing pain and heartbreak and left holes in hearts. We have witnessed this in the job we are doing and there has been nothing more painful then experiencing this and watching this through our jobs. Stay safe everybody ? Safe blessings to you all x x x ??