Pride Homecare

Taking Action and Making an Impact on National Inclusion Week

Today is National Inclusion Week 2023, a key date in our calendar where Pride Home Care celebrate inclusion and discover the transformative actions, we take to create inclusive information and communication.

This year’s theme is Take Action, Make Impact, which aims to get organisations and individuals thinking about their actions to support individuals in and outside the workplace.

One of the main actions Pride has taken, was implementing the Recite Me assistive toolbar on our website to support everyone online inclusively. The aim was to ensure that Recite Me positively impacts the experience visitors have on our website as they utilise a range of customisable tools to read and understand our content in a way that best suits their needs. Choosing from a range of tools including text-to-speech functionality, fully customisable styling features, reading aids and a translation tool with over 100 languages 65 of which are text-to-speech.

“I was so pleased to be able to have all the information on Pride’s website read to me, with just a click of a button on their toolbar. My friend normally has to read everything to me unless it’s in braille but all she had to do was click a button” – GN

With over 1 billion people worldwide who live with some form of disability or impairment, it is vital that we prioritise inclusivity.

Together with Recite Me we are on a mission to create an inclusive digital world, in total Recite Me is used on over 5,000 websites and we are thrilled to embark on this journey with them.

Accessibility is important to us as it provides all users with equal access and opportunities, regardless of their individual circumstances.