One of our lovely ladies, Pat, has written these heartfelt words that she has asked me to share with you all and our customers to reassure everybody at these uncertain and fearful times that with the support from each other. We WILL be ok! God bless you all and safe blessings. ?

My name is Pat and I have had a stroke. Probably, like me you all depend on others to care for you and spend a lot of time alone in the house watching television. At the moment the news can be very worrying and could be upsetting especially if you are alone and spend time thinking. I try to only think about things I can do something about. Years ago people looked after each other and worked together and had more time for each other but there are still lots of people who care. I know we will get through this but if we are worried we must talk about it. There is so much good in the world and we are blessed in having Pride Home Care looking after us and I know these wonderful people are going to give us the love and care we need. Please remember we are not alone and although I do not know you I am thinking about you and praying you are alright and keeping your chin up. Keep calm and carry on as we have done so many times. With much love and good thoughts. Your unknown friend.
God bless you.”

Thank you Pat for sharing these lovely words with us. God bless you