☃️?❄️ WOW!! What a day yesterday!! Firstly I want to express our absolute gratitude to ALL our staff who rolled out in the snow to make sure all our customers received care. With everybody’s lengths everybody received their care and had a visit. We wrapped up warm, had flasks, food, blankets, hot water bottles, wore wellies and had spades and dug out our cars. We even left our cars and walked to customers we couldn’t get to by car!! BUT…. We done it!! I also want to express our appreciation to the general public who contacted us, following my recent post with their telephone numbers to call upon them.. We even had tractors and snow ploughs on stand by!!! Now that is what you call community support !!! THANK YOU!! To lighten up a tough day, Gabi made Cynthia a snow angel in her garden and she LOVED it. Gabi sent us a video to our watsapp group to make us laugh. We supported each other and helped each other get through it and THAT is why we are different from the rest… Our wonderful Pride family ??… Love you all….. Let get through today!! Hope you enjoy our snow day photos. Stay safe everybody !!x x ☃️❄️?