We at Pride ? understand and appreciate that the confirmation of Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in Norfolk will cause greater concern and the health, safety and wellbeing of all our staff and customers/family/ friends are an absolute priority. We all have extensive training in infection control and health and safety. If you have elderly, vulnerable or fearful neighbours, who are self-isolating to keep themselves and those around them safe. Print this form and fill in and put it in their letterbox. A great way to show you care, offer support and stay connected at a time they might feel very lonely. Everybody needs good neighbours. If you see us out and about in our purple uniforms and require assistance how ever big or small- You are welcome to approach us to ask for help! We are here to help you! You are also welcome to call our Attleborough based office on 01953303288 if we can help you in any way. Blessings to you all- From the Pride ? team xx