?????? This dampened week certainly hasn’t dampened the spirits of Jennie and Jess who have been very busy in Jennies garden this week.
Jess has spent some quality time with Jennie and helped her do her garden as Jennie hasn’t been able to do this her self.
Now Jennie can relax knowing her garden has been taken very care of.
We thought that it would be a lovely idea to share a couple of pictures and reassure loved ones that despite the current situation our customers are still very happy and we’ve all gone that extra mile and do those very important things we tend to all take for granted. It’s those little things that mean the most and will not be forgotten.
At sorrowful times like this, it’s these hero’s that will never be forgotten xx ???
Thank you so much Jess for going that extra mile and spending that quality time with Jennie. How lovely xxx??