Good afternoon and happy Monday to you all ?
How are we all?
Think to yourself “ What am I going to achieve this week?” ?‍♂️?
Think big, and achieve big! Let nothing stop you achieving your goals. Do not let the way you think stop you achieving what you want in life.
New week = new opportunities = new possibilities= time to made new decisions and reach new goals and let nothing get in the way of doing just that….. Just like Gabs did.
Hi Gabs ?? Everyone meet Gabriella, one of our newest members of our Pride family, who’s been out shadowing today and loved it!!
We’ve also had a great start to the week too.
We’ve already received 3 new care enquires for Attleborough, Thetford and Watton. Linda has a busy week ahead.
Why you might ask?
We are recognised as one of South Norfolk’s top home care providers with our proven track record and reputation of our 10/10 Homecare score and we have been awarded the Top 20 Awards for the top 20 Recommended Homecare Provider in East of England.
Learn more about how one of our trusted Care Worker’s can support you in your home. We’re always here to help, so please get in touch to talk through your needs. Call us today on 01953303288
If you’ve been looking at our vacancies and wondering if you should come to work for us…. look no further.
Do you feel valued ? (Like really valued) Are you recognised for the outstanding work you do?
Become part of our Pride family- an extended family who really do value, appreciate and reward their staff like no other…….. not only for their outstanding work, but just for being amazing !!!
Why would you like to join our Pride family? We asked our new starters.
“We love the way you treat your staff. We love how you always recognise and reward and appreciate all that your staff do. Pride has an amazing reputation and everybody talks very highly of Pride and we want nothing more than to be part of that. We want to put on our purple uniforms, hold our heads up high and be part of the amazing company everyone is saying Pride is”
We did it last week. We can do it again this week, even better.
Let’s be awesome together!! ?
Wishing you a safe, blessed and happy week full of inspiration and joy xx