Thank you so, so much Sharon for this very very generous donation of food that she has just dropped off to our office to help feed the children in need during this half term.
We have already made food deliveries and have more to do today!!
Free lunches are available to pick up Monday- Friday 11am-1pm from Queens Square Car Pack in Attleborough.
If you are isolating or have no transport to get to us – We are still here for you!! Myself or one of my team will deliver food parcels right to your doorstep!! Please get in touch and we will help.
No child should be hungry!
As I am sure many people are, shocked at the recent announcement that the government will not help struggling families through this half term under these unprecedented times.
If anyone is going to struggle feeding your children during half term send me a text, it wont go any further than me and ill drop a bag of food off, or leave it in a safe place outside your house if you’d prefer..
Our residents and businesses of our local community have pulled together to help those in need. Did you know there are 24.7% children living in poverty in this area alone!! If you would like to help by donating any packed lunch items (below) let me know and bring to office (Queens House, Queens Square, Attleborough) and contact A Little More Kindness Facebook page and Elaine and Hazel.
No proof or explanation is required and no stigma is attached.
Proud to pull together as a community to help those in need.
This is not a political statement, it is just part of our belief that no child should be hungry, ever.
Good luck Elaine Easthope and Hazel Pease for today. Xxx