Thank you all so, so much for all your generous donations so far for this very worthy cause!!
Our bins are filling up with lots of donations from all you lovely people!! THANK YOU!! ?? … Still lots more room though !! Let’s get filling ??
Did you know?
One in five people in the UK are in poverty, without the resources to meet their minimum needs. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can certainly make life a lot easier.
Pride Home Care Ltd are supporting the National Hygiene Bank Charity, in providing a platform for raising awareness of the issues of hygiene poverty and to empower people to make a difference within their communities by giving donations.
That it’s simply not right that feeling clean should be a luxury or a privilege for anyone in our society, yet with so many living in poverty they just can’t afford to be clean. Everyone of us should be able to live a dignified life.
Many people locked in poverty or those who find themselves in times of crisis, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, are finding their options restricted. This leaves them caught between being able to heat their home, pay their rent, feed their children and themselves or be clean. Hygiene poverty is shaming, humiliating and excluding and can result in social isolation.
Hygiene Poverty leads to a crippling lack of confidence and negatively affects good health and mental well-being which can impact early childhood development, learning, employ-ability and social interaction. Ultimately this is about dignity, self -confidence and mental well- being.
At Pride Home Care we are collecting new, unused and in-date toiletries, hygiene basics, beauty and personal care and household cleaning essentials and ask for your support.
The suggested products; Packs of nappies / packs of sanitary products / unisex shampoo/ unisex shower gel / shaving foam / toothbrushes / toothpaste / deodorant / washing power.
All donations (however big or small) will we gratefully received. If you would like to donate please contact us at the office on 01953 303288 or drop off your donations to the drop off point in our foyer- Queens House, Queens Square, Attleborough.
We would greatly appreciate if you could spread awareness of hygiene poverty by sharing our post and ask anybody to donate generously. We thank you so much for your support.
Very best wishes and safe blessings

??Pride Home Care ??xx

The Hygiene Bank