Welcome to Pride Home Care Limited

On behalf of Pride Home Care Limited and all our staff, we welcome you, your family and others who are important to you. We hope that this document gives you some basic information if you are considering using our service or are already users. We hope you find this guide useful, if there are changes you want to suggest then please let us know!

The information contained within our Service User Guide is in line with all legislative requirements from the Care Quality Commission. It is available in alternative formats, including Large Print, Easy Read (including pictures), audio version and on various coloured paper upon request.

Contact Information

• The Registered Manager is Mr. Daniel Robert Burcham

• The Registered Manager can be contacted on 01953 303288

• The person responsible for complaints or comments and suggestions is The Registered Manager

• The person responsible for Data Protection is: Mr. Daniel Robert Burcham

About Pride Home Care Limited

Pride Home Care (the Company) is a local company based in Attleborough Norfolk. The two Company Directors/ Managers have over 12years experience in the domiciliary care sector and decided to start up their own Company in 2019, with a support team of who are based mainly in the office and have many years’ experience between them. They are all passionate about delivering a quality service of an extremely high standard, as if it were their loved ones receiving care and support. Daniel and Paul believe care is not about time and task but is about relationships, trust, compassion, dignity and ensuring that everyone is involved. We employ and train Care and Support Workers, from Attleborough, Watton and surrounding villages.

Pride Home Care Limited Mission and Aims

Pride Homecare’s mission is to provide a consistently outstanding quality of care for our service users. We aim to enable people to continue to live independently in their own home, achieving their desired outcomes, maintaining their quality of life and adhering to their preferences. We will achieve this by being a caring, knowledgeable, viable organization and through working alongside the local community, helping in the development of a caring inclusive society.

We adhere to a set of important aims outlined below. If at any time you have any questions about these, or you feel that someone is not upholding them, please let the manager know:

· Offer skilled care staff to enable you to direct and achieve your desired outcomes, maintain your independence and support you to live a good quality of life.

· Ensure that your needs and values are respected in matters of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion and belief.

· Support your right to make informed choices and personal decision-making.

· Respecting your individual uniqueness and that of your family, friends and other representatives.

· Valuing differences and treating you with dignity and respect at all times

· Ensure that your privacy is respected and that all personal information relating to you is treated in a confidential manner.

· Deliver a service that is tailored to your needs’.

Principles of Pride Homecare

To constantly ensure that we are fit for purpose, through regularly reviewing our service provision and we strive at all times to work for the holistic health and welfare of our service users. We will work with family carers, other services and professionals ensuring a totally integrated service.

1. Safe

Pride Home Care Limited will do everything possible to keep you safe from all forms of abuse and neglect, working with you and other agencies to prevent avoidable harm. We do this by:

Ensuring that our staff are well trained and skilled to provide the right care and are able to recognise signs of abuse and report them swiftly

Giving you the information you need to make informed choices and take informed risks. Staff at Pride Home Care Limited understand and ensure the balance between your informed risk-taking, and the responsibility to ensure the safety of you and of others

Identifying any hazards in your home and reducing the risk of infection

Supporting you with any medication needs carefully to minimise the risk of errors or supporting you to continue to self-manage your medication safely

2. Effective

We employ the right staff for you who have the right knowledge, skills and qualifications to fulfil your wishes and to enable you through Care

We will ask for your views and ideas how you wish for your care and support to be provided and will make sure you can contribute to any proposed changes

We will make information accessible and in a way that you can understand about your Care, medication and the services being offered and how you can tell us if there is something you don’t like about our services

We will consult you on your wishes, history and aspirations in the assessment and put this in your Care Plan. We will check this is up to date when your Care Plan it is reviewed. We will make sure your Care Plan is updated if your care needs change

We will ask for your informed consent to Care and any changes to it in all decisions about your Care

The principles of the Mental Capacity Act will be followed and we will ensure that, where you cannot give consent, best interest decisions will be made following the Mental Capacity Act principles

You will be supported to achieve as much independence as possible, emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially and without unreasonable restrictions

We will keep information about you confidential and will tell you how we use your

personal information, store it and how long we keep it for.

3. Caring

Staff will take an interest in what makes you, you; the things you want to share from memories, the things you like and don’t like, current interests, needs and new pursuits

Staff will treat you with dignity in the way they speak with you and the way they behave

We will assist you in continuing to use your skills and in pursuing your interests

We will uphold your right to privacy in all aspects of your care, personal affairs and belongings

All information about Service Users is treated as confidential and only shared with members of staff, other professionals or organisations for the provision of care with your consent or your representative

Information about you will be protected and stored to meet legal requirements and only kept for as long as is necessary

We will make sure you understand information and what is said, providing you with the support you need, and giving you the help, you require to make your voice heard

4. Responsive

Pride Home Care Limited will be responsive to what we see, hear and know, to ensure that you maintain your health and wellbeing.

Care staff will ensure that they are up to date with what is in your Care Plans and make changes when they are needed or requested by yourself

Pride Home Care Limited welcomes complaints, compliments and issues raised and will always take them seriously, investigate and take the action needed to put things right, and improve the service we offer

Staff will work with other professionals to ensure that your Care is joined up and integrated.

5. Well-Led

Pride Homecare understands its responsibilities has a clear vision and strategy.

The management staff of Pride Home Care Limited are available and approachable for Service Users and staff alike

Pride Home Care Limited has the skills to monitor the service and make changes when they are needed

When things go wrong, Pride Home Care Limited and its management staff are honest with you and give solutions on how to put things right.

People that we provide services for

Adults over 65

People with dementia

Adults with sensory impairments

Adults under 65

Adults with Learning difficulties

Adults with Physical difficulties.

Adults experiencing or recovering from illness

Adults with a long-term illness

Adults with Palliative care

Family Carers

Range of Services

Our organisation provides a wide range of services covering personal, emotional, social and practical care. This includes but is not limited to; all aspects of personal hygiene, dressing, undressing, meal preparation and cooking, assistance and prompting with medication including eye and ear drops, social activities, shopping, making and accompanying you to appointments, general house work, companionship, telephone calls to ensure that you are well or to prompt medication at agreed times.

Our Staff

We recognise that, to deliver a good care service, we need to recruit the right individuals. We base the recruitment of all our staff on commitment, compassion and shared values, along with all the legislative requirements including an enhanced police check, full work history, 3 verified written references, an in-depth and scenario-based interview and training that meets and exceeds the current national requirements. We expect our staff to be committed to providing the best possible care, they must be passionate about caring for others and be able to demonstrate that they share our values and ethos.

Care Workers all carry an Identity card with them that they should show you when you meet.

How Pride Home Care Delivers Care

We will undertake a face to face care assessment you and anyone else involved in your care such a family carer or friend you wish to have present. This will be carried out prior to the commencement of care and by a qualified, experienced and senior member of our team, preferably in your home.

All information gathered from yourself or your representative regarding your care needs, will be written down during this initial meeting on your Care Plan which is a document that gives a description of the help or services that you need from us and how you need them to be delivered. It also identifies any risks to you or our staff and how best to manage them, through our Risk Assessment documents.

You or your representative will be asked to sign these documents to confirm your agreement. You will also be issued with Pride Homecare’s written contract of Terms and Conditions, which covers our fees and invoicing procedures which we will go through with you.

All the information we collect will be used to select a care worker who is best suited to your individual needs. Remember, our care workers can only undertake support and care duties that are detailed in your Service User Care Plan. Any changes to the care you require must be agreed in advance with your care manager.

Care Worker ECM

We have a call monitoring system in place that we can use if you wish us to. This will monitor the punctuality of the care worker and the length of call. You will be assigned a key fob which will be at no extra cost to yourself and kept in your care plan folder. Your care workers will be required to scan the fob upon their arrival and departure.

Reassessing and Reviewing your needs and care plan

We will carry out service reviews within 3 months of your service starting and then every 6 months or more often if required. Changes in your care and support will usually require a reassessment to make sure your needs can be met. Please contact our office if you wish to request a review or contact the Social Services or Health Authority who may be paying for your service on your behalf.


All Service Users have the right to access an advocate who will act in their interests to help them solve problems, discuss concerns, and understand information. Pride Homecare will be happy to provide information on local advocacy groups and other support networks, should you wish.

Continuity of Care Worker and Out of Hours

We understand that our service users and their representatives highly value having regular care workers to visit their home, providing the required care and support. We carefully match suitable care workers to our service users, including wherever available common interests or hobbies.

Our care plans are comprehensive and detailed to encourage continuity of care, if the regular care worker(s) cannot attend.

If for whatever reason your care worker is unable to arrive at the agreed time you will be notified in order that alternative arrangements can be made. If your regular care worker is on holiday or sick leave, then we will endeavor to replace them with another care worker who is familiar to you.

We operate an out of hours on call system, which operate when the office is closed after 5pm and at weekends. Our on call will be answered by a senior member of the team who is always available to assist both Service Users and team members caring for clients, should the need arise.

Insurance Cover

Pride Home Care Limited maintains Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance up to £10,000,000 for any one claim. The insurance covers all aspects of its undertakings. However, the insurance does not take the place of normal household insurance cover for accidental breakage or damage to household items. Please do not make private arrangements with our staff because this will not be covered under our insurance police.

Terms and Conditions and Fees

Pride Home Care Limited fees are set out in our Terms and Conditions Contract, which we will go through with you during our face to face meeting. If you would like details on the fees and terms of payment, prior to a meeting then please contact the Registered Manager, Mr Daniel Burcham.

Privacy and Dignity

Pride Homecare recognises that most interactions between care workers and service users means some form of dependence upon the care worker, therefore, an obligation exist to ensure that care workers adhere to a code of conduct which is there to ensure that all actions undertaken:

· Are with the expressed wish of the service user

· Are conducted in such a way that the service user does not feel undervalued or inadequate

· Protect privacy and dignity

Promote the respect between the care worker and the service user. In every case:

· The care worker must be made aware of the nature of the care needed;

· The views of the service user on support and assistance will take precedence unless otherwise explicitly stated in the care plan or where concerns arise in relation to health and safety;

Equal Opportunities

Pride Homecare operates an equal opportunities policy in its recruitment procedures to ensure that all care workers are selected on the basis of their ability to fulfil the requirements of the job. Service users and care workers alike should be treated equally and fairly regardless of Race, Religion, Colour, Nationality, gender, Marital status, Sexual orientation, Social status, politics, Disability or Age.

Freedom from Discrimination

Pride Home Care Limited has a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of discrimination and will take action when it is found. Discrimination means being treated unfairly on the grounds of; age, being or becoming a transsexual person, being married or in a civil partnership, being pregnant or on maternity leave, disability, race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion, belief or lack of religion/belief, sex, sexual orientation or social standing.

Complaints, Concerns and Compliments

Pride Homecare team recognises the importance of maintaining a close relationship with both Service Users and their representatives throughout the time support is being provided. Should a Service User or their representative have any comments (positive or negative), questions or concerns about any aspect of the services being provided by Pride Homecare, they are encouraged to communicate these to the Registered Manager at the earliest possible opportunity as we know your feedback will help us to do better in the future.

We take all complaints very seriously ensuring that these are promptly acknowledged, investigated, resolved and shared within the agreed timescales to ensure that lessons are learnt and that the learning improves service quality.

Should you wish to make a compliment about the company, service or a staff member(s), we welcome these too. These types of comments provide reassurance that our business is providing the high quality service we continually strive for.

In the event of a complaint or concern with the care offered by Pride Home Care, the complaint or concern should be discussed with the Registered Manager, who is available by appointment.

The Manager will respond to a complaint by a written acknowledgement within 7 days of the complaint being raised. The Manager will advise of the actions that will be taken and the length of an expected outcome. The Manager will maintain regular contact following any complaint that will need more than 7 days to conclude.

Accurate records of all complaints will be made.

If you feel that your complaint has not been resolved satisfactorily or you wish to contact the Company’s inspection unit at any time regarding the care being provided, their address and telephone number are:

CQC South east



Newcastle Upon Tyne


Tel: 03000 616161

Fax: 03000 616171 Email: enquiries@cqc.org.uk

At no time will a customer be discriminated against for making a complaint.

Quality Assurance

As a minimum, each Service User or their representative will receive a 3 monthly telephone quality monitoring call from their dedicated care manager to ensure satisfaction with the services being provided.

Every 6 months we will arrange a face to face visit, adaptations to the agreed care plan or service arrangements can be made.

A full review of each Service User’s care plan will take place at least annually however, if the Service User’s needs change more frequently, then a full review of the Care Plan will take place sooner.

Handling Money

When Care Workers make financial transactions on your behalf for things like collecting pensions, shopping or paying bills – they will enter the details on the financial record sheet and kept in your home, and count the change out to you. The receipt will be kept with the financial record sheet, which will be returned to the office on a monthly basis for auditing by a senior member of the team.

Care Workers should not be given cash cards or PIN numbers to obtain money from a bank on your behalf. Only financial arrangements that have been formally agreed and written in the Care Plan can be carried out for you.

Please contact the Manager about any needs you have that are not being met, or if you are unsure whether or not they are being met.

Gifts, Wills and Other Documents

Pride Home Care Limited aims to make sure that you receive a care service of the highest possible standard. To make sure our staff always work professionally and to protect you and our staff from any allegation of financial abuse:

· Care Workers are not allowed to accept gifts of money or other presents

· Care Workers are not allowed to accept loans

· Care Workers must not buy lottery tickets or sell you raffle tickets

· Care Workers must not sell to you from mail order catalogues

· Care Workers must not ask for sponsorship or for donations for charitable organisations or good causes

· Care Workers are not allowed to act as witness to legal documents and wills

· Care Workers are not allowed to benefit from wills

· Care Workers are not allowed to recommend tradesmen or a member of their family or friends to carry out work in your home

Keys and Key Safes

Care Workers do not usually hold the house keys of people they visit. However, if there is a reason why this needs to be done – Then these will be locked securely in the office and signed in and out by each care worker. It must be formally recorded in advance as described in the Pride Home Care ‘Limited Key Holding and Key Safe Policy’.

Care Workers will be given the key safe combination numbers of the people they visit. Pride Home Care Limited policy arrangements ensure that these numbers are kept securely and are never written down with the address.

Medication and Healthcare Related Activities

Care Workers will administer medication but only when it has been agreed and written in the Care Plan. Both prescription and ‘over the counter’ remedies must be agreed beforehand so that it can be checked as to whether the medicines will have no ‘side effects’ if taken at the same time.

Care Workers are not allowed not administer medication from family filled medication dispensers and no assistance can be provided that has not been formally agreed with the Manager and detailed in the Care Plan.

Your Care Worker will record any medication administered on a Medication Administration Record Chart each time they provide any medication administration support.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

Our policy is that any information about you is strictly confidential and that maintaining a position of trust in this regard is paramount. However, because some information is relevant to providing quality Care, such information will be shared with members of staff who may be supporting you. You will be consulted where appropriate before information is released.

Information about you will be stored in the office paper form and may also be held on computer or other electronic devices. All are treated in the same strictly confidential way.

Information about you is needed to enable staff to provide proper support and treatment. Sometimes information about you needs to be passed on to other organisations, for example if you are receiving

care from a GP or hospital.

We have a number of policies about how we manage your personal information that comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018. This ensures that all information stored and retrieved I kept safe and secure.

Protecting You from Abuse and Harm

Pride Home Care Limited are committed to ensuring that you will be protected from harm and abuse and enabled to live independently as possible in a safe environment.

Care Workers receive regular training on how people should be treated and they are trained to recognise if someone is being bullied, physically abused or suffer financial, emotional and psychological harm. Person(s) such as informal care workers, relatives, friends and members of the Home Care Staff or other professionals can commit abuse.

Abuse can take form in subtle ways like Care Workers calling people pet names that they don’t like or speaking to someone else in a language they don’t understand so that they do not know if they are being discussed or not.

Any reports of abuse or concerns of abuse must be reported to the Registered Manager without fail. If you think you are being abused or are concerned you might be you can speak to Mr Daniel Burcham.

If you do not think you can speak to Pride Home Care Ltd, you can contact: Adult Social Services Safeguarding Team- Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH). Contact telephone number 03448008020.

Withdrawal of Service

Where termination of contract is the only reasonable option after consideration, Pride Home Care Limited will ensure a reasonable notice period of at least 28 days, unless safety issues require a swifter departure from the service. Although the Registered Manager will take all possible measures to resolve problems, there are some reasons why the consideration of withdrawal of service have to be made as follows:

· Physical violence towards staff

· Serious verbal abuse towards staff which includes swearing, making derogatory remarks that are racist or sexist and that are meant to cause offence to staff

· Refusing to adhere or co-operate with the risk control measures put in place under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and thus putting themselves and staff at risk

· When there are risks present to the health and safety of the staff that are unacceptable and no control measures can be found

· Continual pressure on staff to perform duties that are not part of the agreed Care Plan and the continual undermining of staff ‘one to another’ or threats of physical violence.

· If you have failed to meet your financial commitments to Pride Home Care Limited, this will also be a situation where withdrawal of the service is considered.

Useful and local contact information

Adult Social Services 0344 8008020

Care Quality Commission 03000616161

Attleborough Town Council 01953 456194

Breckland District Council 01362 656870

Police (non-emergency) 101

Anglian Water 03457 919155

Citizens Advice Bureau 03444 111444

Library 01953 452319

Attleborough Day Centre 01953 453373

Electricity Power Cuts & Emergency 0800 789 8838

Gas (Escapes) 0800 111 999

Hospitals: Norfolk & Norwich 01603 286286

St.Lukes Hospital 01953 459000

Community & Enterprise Centre 01953 455643

Friends & Neighbours 01953 453691

Attleborough Heritage Group 01953 455877

Women’s Institute 01953 453601