Hello all you wonderful, amazing people ??
We hope our post finds you well and sends you safe blessings. ??
We firstly thank all our amazing staff for their hard work and commitment to the company and for being a very valuable member of our team.
We are so delighted to announce the recent promotions for Joe, Kerry and Beata who have all accepted the positions of Field Care Supervisors.
Joe, Kerry and Beata are all very excited to become our new Field Care Supervisors and are all looking forward to starting their new roles and working with us.
This is a very exciting time for us all and the next few months to come is going to be even better with what’s to come!! ??????
Please join us in wishing Joe, Kerry and Beata all the very best of luck in their new role.
We are so honoured and proud to have such a passionate and committed team. We love all our Pride family and feel it’s so important to mark such a milestone.
Well done everybody ??? and thank you again so, so much for all their amazing, incredible work which has contributed to our fantastic continued outstanding reputation with in the community xxx???
Keep up the fantastic work!! We are so proud of you all!!
Every safe blessings and warm wishes,
Daniel and Paul xx ?