The Company’s Care Workers can accompany you on outings or excursions. A visit may be arranged to just sit and talk or to motivate and include activities within your home.


A Care Worker can accompany you to the local shops or into town, assisting with carrying the shopping and putting it away on return. Alternatively a Care Worker may assist by writing a list, going to the shops, collecting the required shopping and putting it away upon return.  The Company ensures that any financial transactions are recorded and are transparent through receipts and signed documents.

Personal Care

The Company provides personal care assistance as requested by you, including bathing, showering, dressing, toileting and incontinence pad changing or specific health-related tasks.  These tasks are provided with dignity and privacy at all times.  We know how important personal hygiene is in promoting personal health and wellbeing.


The Company’s Care Workers are able to assist with medications.   They will be able to remove from packaging and give to you any medication to be taken with a glass of water.  Our Care and Support Workers may only assist with medication that is in a blister pack or Dossette box dispensed from a pharmacy or original prescribed medication packets.

Waking Night

We ensure that you are supported to gain a good night’s sleep, monitoring any concerns in relation to disturbed sleep patterns and following relevant support plans designed to promote a good nights sleep and wellbeing. The support may include personal care or re positioning through the night, active listening and regular monitoring. It also may include support with more clinical tasks dependent on your needs and condition.
Our care workers are all trained to the highest standards, friendly and compassionate. They remain awake whilst on shift.


The Company’s Care Workers can prepare, cook and serve meals and beverages chosen by you.  They may encourage eating and assisting if necessary as an agreed part of your Care Plan.  They will wash, wipe up, put away dishes and empty bins.

Respite and holiday cover for existing care givers

The Company can provide Care Workers to assist with anything from 24 hour live-in service (if available) to 1-hour per day/week to cover the much needed respite or holiday for the existing primary carer.  This ensures peace of mind and maintains established routines.


The Company’s Care workers may accompany you to the hospital, dentist, doctors, hairdressers or any other appointment.

Telephone monitoring services

The Company’s office staff can make regular telephone calls to you at agreed times as reminders for medication or other important events within daily life, as requested.

Social activities & events

The Company’s Care workers may accompany you swimming, walking or any other enjoyed outdoor activity of your choice.  They can accompany you to the theatre, cinema and other social events.  We know it is important for you to continue with your social activities, hobbies or interests to maintain a feeling of self-worth and active mind.


The Company has Care workers who have received additional training in assisting Service Users with dementia.  We understand the importance of familiarity of routine and continuity of care.  We focus on what people can do as opposed to what is no longer possible.  We maintain excellent contact with existing support and other involved healthcare professionals.