☀️? Beat the heat ☀️?Keep hydrated and look after your wellbeing!!
☀️?The health and well-being of our staff is the upmost high priority. Giving this very hot day it is more so important to promote hydration and the wellbeing amongst our staff to ensure they keep well hydrated.
Daniel and Sally have had a very busy morning out and about meeting the staff on theirs care rounds to give them bottles of water.☀️?
It is so important to us that all our staff feel supported out there and keep up our high moral. We are proud to be team Pride ??
??It is also important to look after other key workers who are working tirelessly in this heat. We stopped this lovely postlady on her rounds and gave her a bottle of water too, of which she was so grateful for. ??
??Keep up the outstanding work and remember it is important to look after yourself to look after others xxx??