No words can express how wonderful and amazing you all are. No words can tell you how incredibly proud we are of you all and your outstanding amazing work, putting on your uniform everyday and working tirelessly keeping our customers safe and the love and passion you put in to the work you do. Going to work day in and day out during these unprecedented, worrying times?. Putting on that brave face ?behind that cheery positive smile whilst deep down worrying about your own children and family. You are all incredible and we love you all so much!!??
We’ve been racking our brains on what to do for you all for Christmas ??We wanted to do something extra special for you all. Sadly we haven’t been able to have a Christmas party like we would of done in “normal” times?. There is nothing more than wanting to get you all together and have a massive Christmas party to celebrate our first successful year??. We are honoured to have such a devoted team which has contributed to our outstanding reputation in the community???
We have put together these lovely hampers for you all?, which we have personally made bespoke to each of you individually for families, those with children and all you chocoholics ? ?? containing luxury food, Christmas treats ? , chocolates? and Christmas tipples ?? !! We have every great pleasure in giving these to you to thank you for everything you have done and we really do hope you enjoy them as much as we have done making them for you.
Merry Christmas to all you wonderful lot and your wonderful families. ??⛄️❄️
Lots and lots of love to you all, always, love Daniel, Paul and Tiegan xxx????⛄️??❄️xxxx